Steel Garden Scissors

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Steel Garden Scissors


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Steel Garden Scissors in Bee-Embossed, Recycled Leather Pouch


Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, planting your very first pollinator-friendly garden, or perhaps its your 20th (you love honeybees as much as we do), there are essential tools that every amateur horticulturist needs. Tops on the list is a good pair of garden scissors.

This pair of steel garden scissors delivers on every key feature, making it the ideal gift for any garden


  • Quality Blades - Quality blade made of high carbon steel. Even through heavy use, it will also stay sharp.
  • Multi-Function for Daily Use - The thinner blades in this design are excellent for floral arrangements, using in the kitchen, snipping herbs for tonight's dinner recipe, deadheading, trimming, shaping or gaining access to narrow openings in your garden. They can also be used for crafts, fabrics, paper and more.
  • Comfortable And Easy To Use - Ergonomically designed, handles are strong, lightweight, and comfortable. Because less of spring, without resistance on your hand, you can trim for long periods of time without cramping or joint stiffness. Ideal for those with limited dexterity.
  • Bee-Embossed Recycled Leather Pouch - Proudly show off your love of the honeybee with this design that's perfect for threading onto your belt or garden apron so you always have your garden scissors handy.


Easy Care: Store blades in recycled leather pouch and apply light oil from time to time. Keep scissors oiled