Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Set

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Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Set


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The negative environmental impact of plastic straws has inspired us to make available to our customers this durable and attractive reusable drinking straw set.

Now, you might say, "What do straws have to do with bees and honey? You don't drink honey from a straw, so what's the connection here?"

Well, as bee lovers, we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Part of saving the bees is making sure the environment is hospitable. That means eliminating pesticide use and planting flowers, but it also means reducing the amount of waste we produce.

We know we're not going to change the world by offering reusable straws, but even the smallest acts can bring about big change when multiplied by thousands of people. It is estimated that the average person uses 1.6 plastic straws per day. If even just one person tried a reusable straw for one year, that would eliminate 584 plastic straws from entering our environment.

If that's not reason enough to give it a try, how about the fact that this is not a skinny paper straw that wimps out on you before you're even half way through your sweet tea. It is an 8mm stainless steel mode of liquid transport wide enough for your fave smoothies and milk shakes, and long enough for a Starbucks Venti. No muck will build up inside your trusty straw because it comes with its own nylon cleaning brush. (It's also dishwasher safe if you want to go that route.)

BYOS everywhere and anywhere; it'll be protected and stay clean in its beachwood travel case. Go ahead, throw it in your gym bag or purse ... or even your kid's backpack. It'll be fine!

So come and join us in our effort to better the environment one straw at a time.