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Sourwood Honey

The fact that Sourwood Honey has won the World Honey Show so many times, arguably makes it the best honey in the world. Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey is rich and complex, with an orchestra of flavors that makes everyone love it. There is saying among beekeepers: "There is five times as much sourwood honey sold than is made," meaning there is a lot of honey out there that people say is sourwood honey but that really isn't. We know this honey well and we only get the good stuff when it is available. Sourwood Honey pairs well with everything. Ted puts it on pizza, sandwiches and even salads.


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Atlanta mom


My Favorite

I love the honey bar at this store and after trying ALL of them, I thought this was by far the best. I was surprised how it stood out when tasting all of the honeys back to back. I have to say, I've never been much of a honey person, and this one converted me. Love it on pancakes, toast, crackers and fruit.




Visited Savannah twice. I just love the City, and the honey store, and so wish we had one in NH. I tasted many in my years, and really loved this one. Velvety smooth. So lovely. I bought my honey-loving son a jar also. Did not know it is so rare, depending on the season. I will need to order some online soon. This little jar will get gone soon!!! Yum!!!!!



Best Sourwood Ever Had!

This is by far the best most complex honey. So good. Just ordered more.