Sourwood 12oz Honey Gift

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Jul 29th 2021

Sent this as a gift to a friend who mentioned remembering his mother getting it every trip to the smokies. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. He called to say it was as good as he remembered. Thank you.


Rosemary, Tonawanda, NY

May 22nd 2020

My husband and I had never heard of sourwood honey before we watched The Andy Griffith Show in re-run for the 60th time! In one episode, Andy promised to send some to a fellow law enforcement officer. We googled it, ordered some, and are enjoying it very much! I actually called Savannah Bee Co today and spoke to John who helped me understand the difference between the standard and the reserve! It was nice to speak to someone who knows what he is talking about, AND enjoys his job! Thank you John, Savannah Bee Co., and Sheriff Andy Taylor!


Karen Mansinger

Jan 13th 2020

We raised honey bees...sadly we lost all of our hives this fall...and I tried this honey and absolutely love it



Sourwood 12oz Honey Gift


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Southern Appalachian bees, for making this exceptional honey for us once again!

It has been a long wait, hasn't it? Last year's crop did not fare well.  The weather in that region of the United States just plain didn’t cooperate, and Ted was unable to find any Sourwood Honey worth bottling and selling to you good people.

But all that is done and gone, and happy days are here again! Get your waffles, pancakes, tea, coffee and whatever else ready. Sourwood is back!

The Savannah Bee 12oz Honey Gift is one of our most popular items. Pick your recipient's favorite honey and we will package it with care in a simple but beautiful gift box with the Savannah Bee logo. It's a thoughtful, impressive gift perfect for saying thank you or great job.