Sourwood 12oz Honey Gift

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Sourwood 12oz Honey Gift


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The Savannah Bee 12oz Honey Gift is one of our most popular items. Pick your recipient's favorite honey and we will package it with care in a simple but beautiful gift box with the Savannah Bee logo. It's a thoughtful, impressive gift perfect for saying thank you or great job. The fact that Sourwood Honey has won the World Honey Show so many times, arguably makes it the best honey in the world. Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey is rich and complex, with an orchestra of flavors that makes everyone love it. There is saying among beekeepers: "There is five times as much sourwood honey sold than is made," meaning there is a lot of honey out there that people say is sourwood honey but that really isn't. We know this honey well and we only get the good stuff when it is available. Sourwood Honey pairs well with everything. Ted puts it on pizza, sandwiches and even salads.

If you are sending gifts on behalf of your business or organization, give us a buzz at 912-503-2961 or email us at for information on lead times and availability for large custom orders.