Skidmore's Restoration Cream

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Skidmore's Restoration Cream


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Have a neglected pair of boots that you’re trying to get a few more seasons out of? Or maybe you're looking to restore an antique piece of furniture that has been passed down through generations. Need to seal and protect a deck or refinish a wood floor without the fumes and high gloss of polyurethane?

Skidmore's Restoration Cream can do it all. As its label claims, it is "infinitely useful."

The magic ingredient is beeswax. It doesn’t break down when exposed to the elements. It's pleasant to use and leaves a natural, easy-to-maintain, glowing finish.

Use on leather, vinyl, wood, paint, baskets, ceramics, rawhide, metals, marble, and more!

Skidmore's is a small family business in Laramie, WY. They produce their Restoration Cream in small batches, by hand, in a shop adjacent to their home.