Seattle Chocolate Honey, Almond & Coconut Bar

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May 12th 2020

This was a wonderful treat. Totally enjoyed !!



Seattle Chocolate Honey, Almond & Coconut Bar


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Item only ships during cooler months to avoid melting.

This indulgent dark chocolate truffle bar from Seattle Chocolate has an amazing balance of textures and flavors sure to please the palates of even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs. 


Inspired by a seven-layer bar, this gourmet dessert gets its crunch from organic honey crystals, dry roasted almonds, and dried coconut flakes. 


60% cacao dark chocolate and a dash of sea salt combine to create the perfect foundation for this extravagant dessert, elevating and highlighting the delicate flavor of each ingredient. 


This sweet, salty, crunchy treat has a legendary creamy melt-away center, truly combining the best of all worlds. 

The beautiful wrapping features the work of artist Llewellyn Mejia.