Seasonal Sensation Honey Gift Set

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Nov 22nd 2021

This is an excellent gift pack for any honey lovers. I use it on my yogurt in the mornings. The lemon and cinnamon honeys are awesome too.



Seasonal Sensation Honey Gift Set


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The Seasonal Sensation Honey Gift Set is BACK just in time for the holidays and we are bee-yond excited about it!


This sweet collection combines two favorites honeys: our popular and seasonal sensation – Winter White Honey – and our premium Acacia Honey. Each of these honeys is delicious and spectacular on their own. When combined, they are a treasure trove of honey goodness.


Winter White Honey is delicious, spreadable, festive, and, as the name suggests, only available during the winter months. We get great customer feedback about this honey all the time. Customers tell us that they never liked any honey at all until they tasted our Winter White honey. People claim it tastes like cinnamon, or vanilla. Some folks say it tastes exactly like frosting (healthy frosting, that is!).  After making it with a Rocky Mountain wildflower honey variety that crystallizes quickly, we bottle it and store it in a temperature-controlled ‘cold room’ until it transform into a beautiful creamy-white color and has the perfect silky smooth texture. It’s hand-crafted artisanal honey at its finest!


Our premium Acacia Honey is perfection on the palate. It is known for its beautiful light golden color and incredible clarity and is the lightest tasting honey in the world. One taste of this fine honey, and you will be an Acacia lover forever!  


This is a unique gift for anyone on your gift list, especially those who love honey!