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Rosemary Honey

Rosemary Honey is one of our most intricate and complex honey varieties. Its fresh, woodsy aroma and surprisingly herbaceous taste gives way to a delicately soft sweetness. Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey is produced in a remote natural setting in the dry, rugged hills of Central Spain and is a product of wild-growing Rosmarinus officinalis. The mineral qualities of the soil definitely come across in this wonderfully complex honey. With native origins in Spain, rosemary grows freely and blooms for an unusually long period of time.


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Holiday Gift Done Right!

I recieved a sampler set of the artisanal honey jars and while I am a sucker for lavender, I had never considered rosemary as a flavoring to pair with honey, and I am sold. Putting this on biscuits or as a glaze when cooking vegetables as opposed to using anything like brown sugar or regular sugar on grilled/glazed veggies or some meats (I've tried it on chicken and shrimp so far) and it's very flavorful and versatile.



I am 45 years old and didn't like honey until now.

I have never tasted a honey that I like. I bought honey for my kids but, not me, I couldn't stand it. We went on a holiday and went in this store. I tried this honey and fell in love.... I can eat it right off the spoon! Quite frankly, I loved a lot of their honey!



The best

I love this honey. It goes great with my green tea. And basically everything that you want sweet with some rosemary. Beautifully balanced in flavor.