Reusable Glass Water Bottle

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Reusable Glass Water Bottle


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Stay hydrated and protect the environment at the same time with a Reusable Glass Water Bottle.

Part of saving the bees is making sure the environment is hospitable. That means doing things like planting flowers and eliminating pesticides, but it also means curbing pollution and reducing waste.

More than 60 million plastic water bottles are discarded in the U.S. every day. Most go to landfills or incinerators, and the rest end up littering our streets, green spaces, and waterways. Plastic is not biodegradable, which means it cannot be broken down by living organisms and recycled into new organic matter. A plastic water bottle will eventually break down (the average time it takes is 450 years) into smaller pieces known as microplastics, which will remain on Earth forever.

Every little bit counts. Ditch the plastic and grab one of our reusable bottles made of high borosilicate glass, a comfy silicone grip sleeve, and screw-on spill-resistant lid.

Holds 18oz. Not for use with hot liquids. Hand wash only.