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Raw Acacia Honeycomb

Raw Acacia Honeycomb
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    These new Acacia honeycombs are beautiful and have a minimum weight of 15oz! Acacia honey is one of the most sought after honey varieties in the world. Acacia honey sits at the pinnacle of the honey world and is well-loved for its nearly water-white/gold color, mild taste, the incredible clarity and the slow rate of crystallization. To be able to get this honey in honeycomb form is simply incredible,

    Looking for a gift or trying Raw Acacia Honeycomb for the first time? Try the Acacia Honeycomb Mini. This miniature version of our 15 oz. Acacia Honeycomb weighs in at 5.6 ounces of perfect, delicious raw honeycomb!

    The date on the honeycomb expiration sticker is in the European format because the honeycombs come from Hungary.  The European format reads day/month/year, while the American format reads month/day/year.  Honey never spoils! Pots of still edible honey have been uncovered after thousands of years in Egyptian tombs. We mark an expiration date on some of our products as required by food stores, but that date is simply to meet their regulations. However, honey, unlike wine, tastes best during its first few years.

    Purchase the Raw Acacia Honeycomb Value 5 Pack and save nearly $10! Spread the love and give the gift of Acacia Honeycomb today!

    This year, I am very proud to have found a great supply of acacia honeycombs. The honeycomb comes from the acacia forests of Hungary, where they have a tremendous amount of acacia trees.                                                   From - Ted Dennard, Head Beekeeper and Founder of Savannah Bee

    If you are a fan of our Georgia Wildflower Honeycomb or our Yellow Star Thistle Honeycomb Rounds, you simply must try this Acacia Honeycomb! Get one of these honeycombs soon because they won't last long!

    Read more about the Acacia Honeycomb.


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  • Tasting Notes

    Acacia honey is known for its incredibly light and sweet flavor. A discerning palate will find wonderfully subtle hints of vanilla.   

  • Pairings

    Acacia Honeycomb pairs nicely with fruit and cheese.
  • Did You Know?

    • Acacia honey is widely produced across Eastern Europe.
    • Acacia nectar is collected by honey bees from the blossoms of Robinia pseudoacacia. This tree species is also known as the Black Locust (sometimes known as the American Locust)
    • Robinia pseudoacacia is native to the southeastern United States but was introduced into Europe in the 1700's and has been widely cultivated across the continent. 
    • Black Locust trees have nitrogen-fixing bacteria living inside tiny root nodules. These bacteria allow the tree to grow and thrive in nitrogen-poor soils.
    • Acacia honey is very slow to crystallize.
    • Acacia honey is prized around the world and is known for its great clarity.
    • The flavor of Acacia honey is often described as having subtle hints of vanilla.


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Love at first bite

One bite of this honeycomb, and I was addicted. This is the most delicious honeycomb I've ever tasted! I originally bought two 15 oz containers of the honeycomb and, I've now purchased a five pack! This is perfect to enjoy over English muffins, eat straight out of the box, or to give as a gift. Yummy!!!

5 out of 5 Stars


Acacia honeycomb

Never had this before it is the best order extra you will bee glad you did

5 out of 5 Stars



Tastes amazing!! I will be reordering!

5 out of 5 Stars

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