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The Fresh Honey Cookbook

The Fresh Honey Cookbook

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This beautiful cookbook features 84 incredible honeybee inspired recipes, artfully created using sweet golden honey and honeybee pollinated food varieties. The author, Laurey Masterton, is a spokesperson for the National Honey Board. "The Fresh Honey Cookbook" uses honey through the seasons.

Each month Laurey highlights a different honey varietal like Tupelo, Acacia, or Orange Blossom and the foods produced during each respective honey season. Learn more about honeybees while you cook, as Masterson provides interesting tidbits about honeybees and fascinating glimpses into the beehive.

Masterton is the founder of Laurey's Cafe, in Asheville, NC. She has the mission of providing "gourmet comfort food" through her catering company and her restaurant. She is a fellow beekeeper and an advocate of local eating and sourcing local ingredients. Paperback; 207 pages

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