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Rosemary 12oz Honey Gift

Rosemary 12oz Honey Gift

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The Savannah Bee 12oz Honey Gift is one of our most popular items. Pick your recipient's favorite honey and we will package it with care in a simple but beautiful gift box with the Savannah Bee logo. It's a thoughtful, impressive gift perfect for saying thank you or great job. Rosemary Honey is one of our most intricate and complex honey varieties. Its fresh, woodsy aroma and surprisingly herbaceous taste gives way to a delicately soft sweetness.

Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey is produced in a remote natural setting in the dry, rugged hills of Central Spain and is a product of wild-growing Rosmarinus officinalis. The mineral qualities of the soil definitely come across in this wonderfully complex honey. With native origins in Spain, rosemary grows freely and blooms for an unusually long period of time.

Flavor Profile

Sharp and perfume but with a soft sweetness



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