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Lavender Honey Flute Classic

Lavender Honey Flute Classic

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The Savannah Bee Flute Classic is our Number One gift because of its simple elegance. We package a single 20oz flute jar of Savannah Bee honey in a beautiful gift box that features the honey without distraction. Select your honey variety and send this unforgettable gift!  

The bees love lavender’s fragrant purple blooms, giving this popular honey varietal the taste and aroma of a summer mountain meadow. Sourced from the wild along the verdant hills between Spain and Portugal, our Lavender Honey provides a mild sweetness and distinct floral notes.

Many beekeepers believe lavender to be the bees’ favorite flower for the  prolific amount of nectar it produces.

Mildly sweet and subtly complex. Aromatic and fruity with floral notes


KSA Certified
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