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Honey Hot Sauce

Honey Hot Sauce

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Jamaican-Me Hot! Our delicious Wildflower Honey combined with the fiery, fragrant Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers is a match made in heaven. 

Our Honey Hot Sauce is made only for the brave. It’s tasty and hot. Our special recipe combines the two ingredients together to create a sweet and spicy combination that is as addictive as it is delicious. Wildflower honey has a sweet flavor, which is what you will taste first. However, the taste will quickly explode into a perfume spice that makes everything taste so much better.

Not only was it love at first taste for us, we’re bee-yond excited to receive the 2020 SOFI AWARD for the best and most innovative product in the BBQ and hot sauce category from the Specialty Food Association.

Try it on everything and see for yourself. With one taste, you will be screaming Hone-OHHHHHHHH My Gosh, this is so good. You’ll be going back for more.

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Ted Dennard stands in the kitchen holding a bottle of Savannah Bee Company Honey Hot Sauce
while upbeat guitar music plays.
[Ted] says, “Anybody can have a hot pepper, like hot, hot, hot. Scotch Bonnets are hot, but they're
A photo of a cluster of red, orange, and yellow Scotch Bonnet peppers pops up on the left side of the
[Ted] continues: “They're perfumey, they're fragrant.”
We see a close-up of the open bottle of Honey Hot Sauce.
[Ted] says, “This hot sauce — honey hot sauce — is half honey, and then the other half is Scotch
Bonnet pepper mash.”
We cut back to [Ted] talking to the camera, and a Jamaican flag pops up on the left side of the
[Ted] says, “I spent two years in Jamaica in the Peace Corps teaching beekeeping, fell in love with
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet pepper.”
Transition to [Ted] pouring Honey Hot Sauce on chicken tacos, then a pile of chicken wings. We see
him dip a potato chip in a sauce topped with Honey Hot Sauce.
[Ted]: “If you eat it straight up, it's hot. But if you eat it on foods, it really isn’t. It'll get you going.”
[Ted] talks to the camera and holds the bottle of Honey Hot Sauce up.
[Ted] continues: “It's already in there, but we still top it off with a little extra, because it's that good.”