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Orange Blossom Honeycomb

Orange Blossom Honeycomb

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  • Product Details

    Orange Blossom honeycomb is a rare treat! We are only able to acquire this incredible honeycomb once every four or five years. Orange Blossom honeycomb is only harvested when the Orange Blossom honey crop is abundant, like this year. During low-yield years, all Orange Blossom honey is extracted from the comb and sold in its liquid form. 2016, however, was a great year for Orange Blossom honey and we now have a limited supply of Orange Blossom honeycomb! 

    The beeswax of this special honeycomb is very soft and delicate and the raw Orange Blossom honey inside the cells is fragrant and exceedingly delicious. This is the purest form of Orange Blossom honey you will ever experience. This Orange Blossom honeycomb is so sweet and features the slightest citrus notes. If you love raw honeycomb, you have to try this Orange Blossom honeycomb! 

    Our Orange Blossom honeycomb won't last long so make sure and get yours soon. This honeycomb would be a unique and thoughtful gift for the honey lover in your life. Order yours today! As with all Savannah Bee honeycomb, our Orange Blossom honeycomb is KSA certified. This honeycomb is a product of Florida.

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  • Region

    South central Florida
  • Tasting Notes

    Pure, raw Orange Blossom honey is very sweet and holds subtle trailing notes of delicate citrus. This is Orange Blossom honey in its most natural form. 

  • Did You Know?

    • Orange Blossom honeycomb is very rare.
    • Our Orange Blossom honeycomb is a product of Florida.
    • The honey inside honeycomb is the purest and rawest form of honey available.
    • Our honeycomb is cut by hand right here in Savannah GA.
    • This is a product of the USA.
    • 100% pure and all-natural. 

Customer Reviews

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This is the most amazing honeycomb I have ever had!!! I am going to reorder asap :-)



Absolutely love this one!

5 out of 5 Stars


Can't get enough!

This honeycomb is delicious! The sweetness of the orange blossom honey combined with the softness of the honeycomb make this a wonderful treat! I cannot keep enough on hand for everyone in my house.

5 out of 5 Stars

3 Item(s)

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