Morning Coffee Gift Set

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Morning Coffee Gift Set


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Wake up to the most un-BEE-lievable cup of coffee, ever!


Only from Savannah Bee Company, this hand-packed gift set is sure to get your coffee lover going in the morning….or anytime of day. This gift allows you to give your favorite coffee lover everything needed to enjoy an amazing cup of joe! It includes:


Original Roasted Honey Coffee: Enjoy an eye-opening cup of organic coffee that has been gently roasted and coated in pure golden Savannah Bee Company honey. What a perfect combination! Our honey imparts a subtle, sweet mellowness to this rich, full-bodied coffee. It’s a flavor duo your coffee lover will wake up for - even on the weekend. These organic arabica coffee beans are roasted in beautiful Charleston, SC, at the Charleston Coffee Exchange. 16oz Ground bag.


Whipped Honey with Cinnamon: Savannah Bee spins together crystallized honey and aromatic cinnamon from Ceylon, Sri Lanka, to form the smooth and irresistibly delicious Whipped Honey with Cinnamon. It’s perfect to stir into coffee or spreading on warm rolls for an instant cinnamon roll. 3oz bottle.


Acacia Honey: Our premium Acacia Honey is perfection on the palate. It is known for its beautiful light golden color and incredible clarity and is the lightest tasting honey in the world. One taste of this fine honey, and you will be an Acacia lover forever. 3oz bottle.


Honey Dipper: Our old fashioned honey dipper is the perfect tool for drizzling honey into your favorite cup of coffee (and a steaming hot buttermilk biscuit!) It’s a must-have complete for every jar of honey. Made of imported birch wood.


Handcrafted Stoneware Coffee Mug: We are bee-yond excited to bring you this unique, handcrafted Savannah Bee Company mug. It’s skillfully handcrafted in Wisconsin with our partner, Sunset Hill Stoneware. Not only is the design beautiful, it’s a solid and substantial cup to hold. Once you pick it up, you know you’re in store for a serious cup of coffee. Holds approximately 16 ounces; 4.25″h. Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. 100% lead-free. FDA and California Proposition 65 compliant. Ounces may vary. Due to the nature of our handmade processes, styles and glazes will vary in consistency resulting in unique appearances.