Let Love Grow T-Shirt

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Let Love Grow T-Shirt


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We created this design for National Honeybee Day 2020 and loved it so much we just had to get t-shirts made.


The inspiration for the art for this campaign is truly from the bees themselves. When honeybees are constructing comb in the hive they create these chains by holding hands. This is called festooning (see actual picture provide by The Bee Cause). The bees use this method to create a kind of scaffolding while they are building new honeycomb. We wanted to convey the unity of the bees in this and how this unity provides the strength they need to accomplish their work. One honeybee could never do this work alone. 


Doing this piece in a bright rainbow of watercolors creates a cheerful, warm vibe to support our 'Let Love Grow' statement. We are all stronger together, just like the tiny but mighty honeybee.


Sizes available include Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and are made with 100% cotton.