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  • Savannah Bee | International Honey Flute Gift Set

International Honey Flute Gift Set

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    The Savannah Bee International Honey Gift Set is one of our most elegant honey gift sets. This beautiful gift features 20 oz. flute jars of all three of our imported honey varieties; Acacia honey, Rosemary honey, and Lavender honey. This gift will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to present. You will be absolutely amazed by the quality and flavor of these international honey varieties. 

    Acacia Honey - Savannah Bee Acacia honey is a product of Hungary, a country known to produce some of the world's highest quality Acacia honey. This honey is very light in color and possesses an outstanding degree of clarity. Acacia honey is known for its bold sweetness and subtle hints of pure vanilla.

    Rosemary Honey - Savannah Bee Rosemary honey is a product of southern Spain. This honey is light amber in color and has a bold herbaceous flavor. Our Rosemary honey stands alone in its complexity. It is impossible to have just one taste of this Rosemary honey!

    Lavender Honey - Savannah Bee Lavender honey is produced in a remote, pristine, mountainous region of Spain. This fantastic honey is the product of nectar produced by wild growing lavender plants. Our Lavender honey is very sweet with floral notes. Lavender honey is light amber in color and features a thick, full texture that rivals our incredible Tupelo honey!

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  • Region

    Lavender Honey - Spain, Rosemary Honey - Southern Spain, Acacia Honey - Hungary
  • Tasting Notes

    • Acacia Honey - Acacia honey is known across the globe for its incredibly light color and its fantastic clarity. Acacia honey has a light very sweet flavor featuring subtle notes of vanilla. 
    • Rosemary Honey - Rosemary honey is the product of nectar produced in arid desert soils. Rosemary honey features a mineral quality derived from the soil and a fabulous herbaceous flavor. Rosemary honey is bold and complex. 
    • Lavender Honey - Lavender honey is known for its sweet, fruity flavor and its intense floral bouquet. Lavender honey is very rich and bold with a texture similar to that of Tupelo honey. 
  • Pairings

    Lavender honey pairs perfectly with whole nuts and nut butters. Rosemary honey is a great addition to seafood and vegetable marinades. Acacia honey is a perfect compliment to smoked meats and strong cheeses.
  • Did You Know?

    • Acacia honey is rarely produced in the U.S. but is abundant across Italy and Eastern Europe.
    • Acacia honey is sometimes referred to as Moon honey or Water honey because of its very light color and great clarity.
    • Our Lavender honey is the product of wild Spanish Lavender which is very different than the Lavender honey produced in commercial French Lavender groves.
    • Savannah Bee Lavender honey is harvested from a very remote, pristine, mountainous region of northern Spain.
    • Savannah Bee Rosemary honey is produced in a mountainous region of southern Spain on the Spanish and Portuguese border.
    • Savannah Bee international honey varieties are bottled in the U.S.
    • As with all Savannah Bee honey varieties, our international honeys are all KSA certified.
    • All savannah Bee honey varieties are tested for purity and whole pollen. 

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