Honeybee Oyster Ornament

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Christine Barbaro

Dec 8th 2019

I truly love this darling little ornament! Thank you Amanda for arranging for me to receive this product. I know that it will cheer up my sister! Thanks to Amanda and her co-worker who made it possible for me to surprise my sister with! BTW the shortbread honey are yummy!


Janet Smith

Dec 5th 2019

I love the Bee Merry ornament! It’s going to be the perfect gift for my friend who just started raising honeybees with her husband and 4 kids! Bees will be a big part of their world now! So glad to see Heather doing these ornaments! She’s incredibly talented!


H Wood

Nov 25th 2019

These are so cute! I thought these were so darling, I bought two!



Honeybee Oyster Ornament


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Add a little Southern charm to your holidays with ornaments made from oyster shells plucked right outta the pluff mud of Savannah's salt marshes.

Local artist Heather Shiver gathers the shells herself and adds the bee motifs and gold leaf, creating what surely will be a dazzling addition to your holiday decor.

The only thing that'll have more sparkle than these coastal curios will be the lights on your Christmas tree!

See more of Heather's work on instagram @bluemermaidart