Honey Hand Soap Trio

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Jul 13th 2020

The best soap I have ever used. Will order again



Jun 7th 2020

Love these!! Second time I've ordered them. They are the best hand soap I've purchased. Will definitely buy more.


Lindsey B

May 25th 2020

I loved them. Especially the Lemon grass one! Good for the bathroom or kitchen sinks.



Honey Hand Soap Trio


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Our hands do so many things. They pull weeds and plant flowers. They pet dogs and cats ... and maybe a guinea pig or two. They grip steering wheels and bicycle handles. They construct science projects and sand castles, make mud pies and decorate cookies. They pinch cheeks, fix collars, and tie shoes and bows. They smooth fly-away hairs and wrinkles in school uniforms. They clap, give high-fives, and seal deals with a shake.

The Honey Hand Soap Trio is the perfect way to make sure the hands that take care of so much are also taken care of.

Our hand soap is made with honey, a highly effective cleanser and moisturizer, as well as an intense softening agent. The natural antibacterial and probiotic properties of honey remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Honey also contains the sugars glucose and fructose, natural alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Set includes one 9.5oz pump bottle of each fragrance -- Orange Blossom, Tupelo Honey, and Lemongrass Spearmint .