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Honey For Cheese

Honey for Cheese is selected to to pair nicely with a wide variety of cheeses. Instantly upgrade any appetizer cheese tray, or try a slice of aged artisan cheddar with honey and sliced apples as an alternative to dessert. For a fantastic lunch treat, try dipping your grilled cheese sandwich in this incredible honey! Cheese and honey make a naturally delicious combination.


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So good!

Discovered this honey while in Myrtle Beach. Bought a gift set of honey for cheese, tea, and grilling, and all three are simply amazing! The cheese one always is the first to go because you just can't stop dipping! "Bee" good to yourself and get this honey now!

Ruby's mom


The Best!

Stopped at a small shop in Ellijay, GA. I felt sorry for the owner because it was a slow time, I bought this honey because I love honey and felt I should buy something. I am SO glad I felt sorry for him. This is amazing with cheese and I make a 57 sauce and honey to bake chicken in and I could not believe how great THIS honey is in that. This is by far the best honey I've ever had! I'm going to have to talk some shop owners in Tampa into carrying it! Buy it, you will not be sorry!




I recently visited Savannah and had the experience of going into there store It was incredible. It was hard to choose one honey. I bought the Honey for Cheese because the flavor was wonderful. I will be ordering more!