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Honey Flute Spoon

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    Who can wait for honey to travel all the way down the long neck of a flute? No one! The Savannah Bee Honey Flute Spoon is the perfect tool to get the last bit of that delectable sweetness out of the bottom of our signature honey flutes. This elegant cherry wood utensil is handmade by MoonSpoon® and is not only beautiful but also very durable and moisture-resistant. All MoonSpoon® products are handmade in the USA! Product length: 12 3/4 inches; product width (at widest point): 5/8 inches; hand-washable

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  • Natural Notes

    • All Moonspoon products are 100% sustainably harvested North American Cherry wood.
    • Moonspoon products are all made in the United States.
    • Every Moonspoon item is handmade and one of a kind.
    • A portion of all Moonspoon sales is donated to The Hardwood Forestry Fund to help manage the sustainable harvesting of our nations precious hardwood natural resource.
    • The Moonspoons workshop is located deep in the woods of Pennsylvania on the banks of Maiden Creek.


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