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Tupelo Honey Body Wash

The crisp citrus and warm vanilla fragrance of our Tupelo Honey Body Wash will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to start the day. Honey Body Wash is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. Royal jelly, propolis, and honey soften and nourish your skin. Gentle and perfect for the entire family! Follow with Tupelo Honey Body Lotion for extra hydration and softness all day long. Available in 8oz tubes.


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It is amazing smells great, lathers nice and made my skin feel awesome!

I received a sample of the body wash with my order. I was skeptical as I have suffered severe skin allergies all my life. I tried it and love it. I just ordered some of the 8 oz size. I wish it was available in a larger size than that though because it would be more cost effective. It may bee a little pricey but worth every penny!




The body wash is great during the hot summer months at controlling and eliminating heat rashes. I couldn't survive without it.



Great Body Wash!

I am a real fan of honey products, but some don't live up their hype. The Savannahbee Body Wash truly does. It lathers up ultra sudsy in a nylon scrubbie with only a little drizzle from the convenient tube, and the "Tupelo" smells heavenly. I use it daily and the 8 oz tube I purchased months ago has outlasted other brands I used to use. It washes off thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. I really recommend it.