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Honey Bee Teddy Bear

Honey Bee Teddy Bear

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    Today is no ordinary day for our furry friend - today is the teddy bear picnic! The Savannah Bee Teddy has decided to attend the picnic dressed as a honey bee! Spark a child's imagination today with the Honey Bee Teddy Bear. 

    No matter how cold it is outside, you always know summer is right around the corner with your friend the Honey Bee Teddy Bear. It's easy to find a hive full of delicious honey when you're disguised as a friendly and helpful honey bee. Have fun all year long with this super-soft, super-plush Honey Bee Teddy Bear!

    The Honey Bee Teddy Bear stands nearly 12 inches tall from toes to the tips of his antennae!

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Small and cute bear

This teddy is rather small, but cute.

3 out of 5 Stars

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