Strengthening Shampoo

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Oct 18th 2018

I purchased this shampoo about a year and a half ago, and I have not looked back. My hair has never felt softer or looked more shiny. Not to mention the spearmint smell is absolutely wonderful. 10/10 would recommend this product.



Aug 16th 2017

This shampoo made my hair feel soft, it smells amazing, and most importantly it did not irritate my scalp! I am new to this shampoo/conditioner, but I am already hooked



Jun 25th 2017

I have some dandruff but don't like using harsh products too often because my scalp gets irritated easily. This works wonderfully! I've tried other shampoos but this is far and away the best. I seek it out online because it's not available at the store I originally bought it from. I have never ordered any other haircare products before since it's always been easy to find replacements. Not this one!



Strengthening Shampoo


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Savannah Bee Honey & Royal Jelly Strengthening Shampoo leaves your scalp cleansed and your hair shiny and soft. The Lemongrass Spearmint scent awakens the senses. Our Strengthening Shampoo includes the hive ingredients honey, propolis, and royal jelly and is specially formulated to promote superior scalp health. Fortification of hair strength begins at the follicle. A healthy scalp leads to healthy follicles, and ultimately strong, healthy hair. Lemongrass essential oil promotes mental clarity, and spearmint essential oil invigorates. Follow with Savannah Bee Honey & Propolis Strengthening Conditioner. Please note: This product is only available in 8oz tubes. Our travel size 1.7oz tube has been discontinued.