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Tobacco Cedar Honey Bar Soap

The woodsy, earthy fragrance of Tobacco Cedar Honey Bar Soap leaves you feeling grounded and confident. This hand-crafted soap will naturally exfoliate and reinvigorate your skin. Our bar soap is made from the highest quality ingredients, including honey, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and pure essential oils. Petroleum free, paraben free, and never tested on animals. Product weight 7.5oz.

Soap (made from Palm oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, distilled water, and sodium hydroxide), glycerin, HONEY, BEESWAX, fragrances


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Cedar tobacco soap bar

OMG I gave it as a gift and it was hard for me to let it go from the drawer I was keeping it in because it smelled so lusciously amazing. I gave it to my son and he enjoyed it asking where I got it from. To him it was such a special gift and thoughtful.



Love it!!

I have been using the soaps for five years. I had horrible acne all my life. I used all the popular acne brands, nothing worked. I found the store while on vacation. I wandered in and purchased the soap, which lasts months because I only use it on my face. I love it!



Love Honey Cedar Tobacco soap

Cedar Tobacco I want it all year round how can I get it? Luv it!