Discontinued - Soft & Sweet Gift Set

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Discontinued - Soft & Sweet Gift Set


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Please note: This product has been discontinued.


Only the best of the best is good enough for Mom. That's why we combined our best beauty product with our best honeys for three top-of-the-line gift sets.

Each set includes one ultra-rich and luxurious Royal Jelly Body Butter® (the "Soft") and one 12oz specialty honey (the "Sweet"). Choose from:

  • Original Body Butter/Tupelo Honey -- Our two top-sellers
  • Chamomile & Myrrh Body Butter/Acacia Honey -- Light and clean
  • Tupelo Body Butter/Orange Blossom Honey -- Fresh and fruity

She means the world to you, so why not give her the best of both worlds (honey and beauty) with our Soft & Sweet Gift Set?