Discontinued - Nuts Over You Gift Set

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Discontinued - Nuts Over You Gift Set

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Please note: This product has been discontinued.


Our Nuts Over You Set is a cute stunner of a Valentine's Day present. This gift set features three delightful items from the Savannah Bee collection.


The signature chocolate collection truffles of this set were produced in partnership with Knipschildt Chocolatier, a specialty producer of artisan chocolates. Next come our delicious chocolate honey crisp pecans. These pecans are slow-roasted and coated in thick, golden honey & decadent chocolate for a sweet and crunchy treat that is sure to inspire warm feelings and delight. 


Finally, this gift set features our speciality Whipped Honey Chocolate. With just two simple ingredients -- pure honeybee honey and Fair Trade cocoa powder -- this simple treat may be the most yummy natural treat we've ever made. Creamy, smooth, spreadable and delicious for all your Valentine's Day snacks. 


Gift Set Items: 


  • Signature Chocolate Collection Truffles
  • Honey Roasted Chocolate Covered Pecans
  • Savannah Bee Co. Whipped Honey Chocolate