Discontinued - Hello, Honeycomb

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Discontinued - Hello, Honeycomb

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Please note: This product has been discontinued.


Want to let someone know they're the bee's knees? Then consider the Hello, Honeycomb Gift Set. There's no duo more dynamic than honeycomb and chocolate, and this gift delivers both -- a 5.6oz Raw Acacia Honeycomb and a 4-piece box of Hazelnut Honeycomb Ganache Chocolates made exclusively for Savannah Bee Company by Knipschildt Chocolatier of Connecticut.

After sharing a few bites of this Valentine's Day gift, maybe you and your mate will become the most dynamic of duos?

Don’t have a significant other? No worries. Hello, Honeycomb is the ideal way to tell a helpful co-worker, close family member, neighbor, or friend how much they are appreciated.

Insider info: Knipschildt chocolates are made by hand in small batches. Every step of the candy-making process is done manually — layering in colors, creating the chocolate shell, filling the shell with ganache, covering the ganache with tempered chocolate. "Sometimes 7 steps to just ONE piece of chocolate.” — Fritz Knipschildt