Discontinued - Desert Blossom Honey

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Discontinued - Desert Blossom Honey


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Please note: This product has been discontinued.


We have depleted our supply of 2019 Desert Blossom Honey. We thank you for trying something new with us! We don't plan to bring this honey back, but we never say never. If you have come to love this honey and want to be notified if we decide to bring it back, simply enter your email above.

Desert Blossom Honey is made on isolated, unpopulated large-area ranches in Uvalde County, Texas -- brush country, where the soil is dry and rocky. It is derived from the nectar of the huajilla (pronounced wa-hee-ya) shrub, a desert plant able to survive on only scant amounts of rain.

Hard to believe a honey so delicate and sweet could come from such an uninviting, desolate place, but many say it's the finest honey produced in the state of Texas. The blossoms that come in February through April are quite fragrant and abundant, and that's all the bees really care about.

Desert Blossom Honey's full-flavored and mildly sweet profile makes it delicious on and in just about everything you can think of. Spread it on a crunchy baguette with ricotta cheese and heirloom tomatoes for a sweet and savory bruschetta. Or try it Texas style on some BBQ chicken wings.

One thing that makes Desert Blossom unique is the texture it may eventually (and naturally) take on. In time, it'll begin to granulate into a soft and easily spreadable form. Don't be alarmed! Instead, be pleased because now you'll be able to get it from jar to teacup or toast without losing one delicious drop to the floor or countertop!

Enjoy this rare honey -- no matter what form it's in -- while you can. It won't be around for long. Take it from the beekeeper, who said, "This was the best huajilla that we have ever made in the 20 years of producing honey in South Texas!"