Cedar Beeswax Hand Cream

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Mar 8th 2021

I'm on my second jar of cedar beeswax hand cream and I plan on getting a third when it runs out. My first time trying Savannah Bee Company's hand cream was with their rosemary lavender scent, which was very nice, but occasionally it would come off too floral for me. I've tried honey almond but maybe I got a bad tube of the cream because it smelled awful. But the cedar has always been amazing. The warm woodsy scent is so relaxing for me just and I have a habit of applying the cream right before bed. I'm a believer in Savannah Bee Company's hand creams because no other hand lotion or cream heals and hydrates my dry hands as well as this stuff. I highly recommend giving it try!


Martha Jo

Mar 3rd 2021

I LOVE the earthy scent and how it leaves such softness on my skin. I use it on my face, too.


Connie Rund

Feb 16th 2021

I love this cream! The smell is amazing! It keeps my hands so soft!



Cedar Beeswax Hand Cream


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  • Contains all four hive ingredients: Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis, Honey
  • Rich, creamy, long-lasting formula protects and softens
  • Great for those working with hands throughout the day
  • Warm and woodsy cedarwood essential oil promotes a feeling of comfort

You know the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, we completely ignored that and decided to take our best-selling Beeswax Hand Cream and add therapeutic-grade cedarwood essential oil to it.

The result is a rich, nourishing formula with a serene scent that leaves you feeling grounded and one with nature. You're welcome.

While some might equate cedar with men’s personal care products, our take on this scent can be enjoyed by everyone. Its warm, woodsy, rustic aroma brings to mind long hikes in the woods or camping out at your favorite music festival.

Speaking of hikes, stash a 1.7oz tube in your backpack for that camping trip you're planning. Just because you're roughing it, doesn't mean your hands have to. The 3.4oz jar comes in a cute recyclable box perfect for gifting.

Cedarwood essential oil is a natural anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and astringent. It's the perfect companion to the other incredible ingredients in our Beeswax Hand Cream.

Honeyroyal jellybeeswax, and propolis naturally replenish lost moisture and create a barrier between skin and everything else out there looking to damage it. Peach kernel oil revives skin with vitamins A, E, and B, plus essential fatty acids. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E, which are essential to healthy skin cell production and collagen maintenance, as well as reducing inflammation and speeding up wound healing.