Wilmington Island Secret Garden

Oh my, how we’ve grown! When I started a little over 6 years ago, I was an educator in our Broughton Street store. Back then, we had 5 shops. I’ve been lucky enough to watch that grow into 15; each one unique and wonderful. There might be a tiny bit of my blood, sweat, and tears in each one, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our retail stores have a special place in my heart, and I hope to be able to introduce you to all of them over the next few months. Today I want to highlight our Showroom store on Wilmington Island.

Tucked halfway between downtown Savannah and Tybee Island, this shop is ideal for guests looking for an intimate experience away from the crowds. Monday through Saturday (10-6) we offer honey tastings, mead tastings, nourishing body care, a live honeybee observation hive, and here’s the really fun part… bee garden tours! You might not even notice it driving down Johnny Mercer boulevard; it’s a bit like a secret (bee) garden.

I don’t know about you, but after a year of lockdowns and distancing, nothing sounds better to me than sunshine, buzzing bees, and blooming flowers.

At $10 a person, our bee garden tour includes a 20-30 minute educational lesson inside the store, and 20-30 minutes out in the bee garden. The team will open a beehive, answer questions, and even allow those brave enough to poke their finger into a frame of raw honeycomb fresh from the hive. After the tour, many guests come back inside and enjoy a free honey tasting to learn about the different monofloral and wildflower honeys we offer.

This year we also introduced the new “Full Bee Experience”, which includes the tour mentioned above as well as a mead flight, a honeycomb snack with apples and cheese, and a 10% discount on purchases made that day. The full bee experience is about 2 hours long and is $50 per person.

Tours usually run through mid-October, depending on the season. You can book one through our website, or over the phone at 912- 629-0908.

You can also now book a session in our bee hut! If you have been following us on Instagram, you might have seen the recent post highlighting the first Bee Therapy Hut in North America. It is a special experience to say the least... Major spa vibes.

If you do book a tour or a bee hut session, you will likely meet Kenneth, Felicia, or Jessica.

Kenneth is the Showroom Manager, and Mead Magistrate. A home-mead-making hobby turned him on to beekeeping, which he has been doing for almost 10 years. Now he is an award-winning mead maker & wealth of bee knowledge. Needless to say, we are lucky to have him on the team.

Felicia grew up in West Virginia and moved to Savannah after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in History. She has been with Savannah Bee for 1 year and hopes to raise her own bees next year. Her love of nature is contagious, and she will make sure you leave having learned something new.

Jessica, our newest member of the hive, has been a Wilmington Island local for 10 years. As many of us have, she fell in love with Savannah Bee and would often come to visit us with family and friends before joining us as an educator.

Stop in to see any of these friendly faces next time you are in Savannah, or on your way out to Tybee beach! Remember, if you book a “Full Bee Experience” tour, you will receive 10% off your purchases. What’s a better way to celebrate Spring, than to share it with the little creatures that make it happen?