What's the Difference in our Royal Jelly Body Butters?

We have three luxurious Royal Jelly Body Butters - each with a different scent, formulated for hydrating different levels of sensitive, dry skin. Our award-winning Royal Jelly Body Butters protect your skin’s own natural moisture barrier. These creamy, rich formulas melt into dry skin with no greasy after-feel.

This formula is power-packed with four hive ingredients, ultra-rich butters, and hydrating essential oils.  Cupuaçu, cocoa, and shea butters, as well as dry skin-softening pecan and peach kernel oils combine for deep hydration. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, we have three delicate formulas all made with Savannah Bee Honey.

Original: The Red Boxdsc_5072-2

Our original scent has an invigorating, complex blend of blackberries, gardenia, apricot, rose and more.  Our original is the only formula to contain a rich rose clay - which gently absorbs impurities without drying skin.

Chamomile & Myrrh: The Blue Boxdsc_5112-2

Soothing & light, this formula features chamomile flowers with a hint of warm, spicy myrrh.  This one is specially formulated for sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory chamomile.

Tupelo Honey: The Yellow Boxdsc_5128-2

With a buttery blend of honey, warm vanilla, and light lemon zest- this Body Butter has the same gentle base as Chamomile & Myrrh formula.

What are the Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is considered the most precious product of the beehive.  It is a complex blend of lipids, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids - often taken as a supplement.  These nutrients deeply moisturize dry skin and work to improve elasticity - which ultimately helps protect skin’s own natural moisture barriers from dehydration and inflammation.

What exactly is it? 

Royal jelly earns its name being the exclusive diet of the queen bee. This food source is a vitamin-rich, creamy substance produced by worker bees mostly from pollen, enzymes, and some honey.royal-jelly

All baby bees are fed small amounts of royal jelly at birth. However, the future queen bee is fed this substance exclusively and in high quantities her entire life. The queen bee, who can lay up to 2,000 eggs/day, will grow to be much larger than the worker bees. Because of Royal jelly, the Queen Bee can live for six years. While worker bees live around six weeks during the summer.

How do we collect Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is harvested by encouraging worker bees to produce queen bees through the use of movable frame hives.  Beekeepers collect royal jelly from each individual queen honeycomb cell after about four days.