What is the Bee Cause Project?


1-May Howard PTA Night

School Observation Hive

One of the best things about working at Savannah Bee Company is that we are trying to make a difference that lasts. Ted Dennard, the owner and founder of Savannah Bee, started something called The Bee Cause Project with a dream of putting 1,000 observation hives like we have in the Wilmington Island store into 1,000 schools across the country! The whole goal is to get younger children learning about honey bees and honey and why honey bees are so beneficial to us and the environment. Let’s face it, when kids think of bees all they think of is “Ouch, they sting”. Thanks to the Bee Cause project and these live observation hives in schools, kids come into the stores and know much more about bees beyond the fact that they sting. There have been about 35 hives installed into schools, mostly in the South Carolina/Georgia area, but the Bee Cause Project is always looking to expand into new regions. There is a school right behind our Wilmington Island store that had a hive put into their media center at the end of spring this year and they have already collected some delicious honey and honeycomb from it.

I was lucky enough to go to the final PTA meeting in May and help talk about the importance of the Bee Cause program. All of the children involved in the project ran into the media center practically pulling their parents arms off wanting to be the first in line to show them the hive. They all knew that there was only one queen per hive and that she was bigger than the worker bees and very very busy. They knew that there were worker bees and drones. I mean you could ask them anything and they could give you a correct answer! The great thing is that parents see how much information their child is soaking up as a result of having an observation hive in school and that they really enjoy them, so then the parents want to learn all about it also. Many of those parents I happened to talk to were teachers and educators in other schools and school districts, so they wanted information about how to get involved with this great program. This really is such a great pay it forward program that it’s very hard not to be invested in this!

There are so many ways you can get involved with The Bee Cause Project. You can buy the Bee Cause honey at any of our retail stores (including our online store) and all profits go to the Bee Cause Project’s school hive installation program. You can also check out the Bee Cause website and buy lots of fun stuff like t shirts, or you can even make a donation of any amount to help support the observation hive program. We can insure the future of the honey bee if we all work together and that work begins with the education of the next generation!


Submitted By: Nicole Maks

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