We're aiming to Bee Transparent

For all of you who rejoiced at the recent return of our Honey Hand Soaps, prepare yourselves. Our lotions have also returned, and our body washes are soon to follow! You may have noticed we made a few changes to these products, and we’d like to walk you through them to answer any questions you might have.

Improved components

First let’s talk about the amazing new packaging for these cleansing and moisturizing masters. We are proud of what we put into all our formulas. One of our goals with this redesign was to elevate our packaging to the level of the product inside of it. We wanted to make it worthy of being displayed in workplaces and living spaces.

So we traded our gray 8oz tubes for elegant 9.5oz transparent bottles that allow you to see all the hive goodness inside. A pump delivery system replaces the flip top, making one-hand dispensing easy and mess-free. The end result is a beautiful product – inside and out -- that deserves to be seen.

This clean new look also symbolizes our commitment to being transparent with our customers. We are opening up our hive and showing you where we have been and where we’re headed. The new bottles represent our promise to be straightforward with all our loyal customers, new and established.

Expanded Ingredient List

In keeping with the transparency promise, our ingredient lists have also been made clearer. When our hand soaps returned recently to stores and online (and to those lonely spots next to your sinks!) you might have noticed the ingredient lists looked a little longer. You will see this on the lotions and washes as well.

We haven’t added any new ingredients but have simply expanded the list to include all the sub-ingredients of those. Since these sub-ingredients are not required to be listed for regulation purposes, they may be present in other products in your house but just not included on the ingredient list. The new design seeks to be transparent about what we’re putting into our products, and therefore, what you’re putting on your body.

Familiar logo

For this packaging redesign, we decided to move away from the one-bee logo we adopted for our body care line a few years ago. We wanted to get back to our roots, and so we traded that logo for our original, familiar three-bee logo to make it readily apparent that these outstanding honey and beauty products all come from the same well-known and trusted business – Savannah Bee Company.

In addition to the new look and better components, you’re also getting more product -- 9.5 ounces of hive goodness. That means they’ll last longer in your kitchens and bathrooms than they used to! All these improvements, of course, mean a slight increase in price, but we are confident you will see the value.

There are a few things that haven’t changed. We always source the very highest-quality, ethically produced ingredients possible for our formulas, as well as our components and packaging. Our body washes, lotions, and hand soaps are still free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy, and petroleum. And they’re never tested on animals.

Thank you so much for your patience while we not only redesigned ALL of our packaging but also transitioned to a new body care manufacturing partner that better aligned with our company values. While this process took longer than many of us would have liked, we are excited about where everything has ended up as well as where we are headed! We chose to do this to better fit both our brand and our customers, and we are excited about taking our products and our company in this more transparent direction.