Unflavored Beeswax Lip Balm for a Cause!

bee cause unflavored beeswax lip balm

Unflavored Beeswax Lip Balm!

You probably already know that Savannah Bee produces and sells the very best beeswax lip balm in the world. You also probably know that we feature nine different lip-smacking lip balm flavors including best-sellers like Tupelo Honey, Georgia Peach, and Salted Caramel. You might even know that all of our beeswax lip balm varieties contain all four ingredients from the hive; propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, and honey. But, you may not know that we recently released an unflavored beeswax lip balm and that a portion of the profits from the sales of this product are donated directly to a very important cause.

For several years, we have had requests from customers to create an unscented, unflavored beeswax lip balm. So in response to your demand, we did just that. Last week we released our Unflavored Lip Balm. This product is now available in all of our stores and online. We realized that this lip balm is pure honeybee goodness, so we decided to donate a portion of the profit directly back to the honeybee! From the sales of our Unflavored Lip Balm, we will make a cash donation on behalf of our customers directly to the Bee Cause Project. Now that’s a lip balm purchase you can really feel good about!

beeswax lip balm

Support the Bee Cause Project!

The Bee Cause Project is an incredible organization founded by Ted Dennard, the owner of Savannah Bee. The ultimate mission of the Bee Cause Project is to install 1000 interactive, observational beehives in 1000 schools across the globe. The Mission behind the mission is to increase awareness of the honeybees critical keystone role in so many ecosystems. In addition, the Bee Cause Project aims to build and nurture a brand new generation of beekeepers and honeybee advocates.

Currently, the Bee Cause Project has installed 220 beehives in 46 states and 4 countries! Can you imagine how many lives this organization has already touched? But, the Bee Cause Project doesn’t stop at beehive installation, the organization also provides training for teachers and even delivers a full honeybee curriculum.

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The Bee Cause Project Honey!

Savannah Bee has been a proud partner of the Bee Cause Project for over four years now. Our new beeswax lip balm is just one of three ways you can help support this great organization. We sell a fantastic Wildflower honey on behalf of the Bee Cause Project. Three dollars from each jar of Bee Cause honey sold through Savannah Bee is donated directly to the Bee Cause Project. In Addition, we sell men’s and women’s Bee Cause tee shirts.

You can also support the Bee Cause directly by making a charitable donation to the organization. If you are interested in having a bee-utiful beehive installed in a school near you please visit the Bee Cause website for more information. Then let you favorite teacher know about the Bee Cause. And, before you leave our site today, make sure and purchase you Unflavored Beeswax Lip Balm! Protecting your lips and saving the world has never been easier!

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