Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve

Tupelo is known among honey aficionados as The Queen of the Honey World.  This golden honey has a mild buttery flavor.  It is universally adored, and constantly converts skeptics who once thought they didn’t even like honey.

Inspiring the World

Tupelo Honey inspires artist across the globe from the culinary arts to the music industry.  Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey is an epic love ballad and chart-topping album.  Bob Dylan once said the song "'Tupelo Honey' has always existed and Van Morrison was merely the vessel and the earthly vehicle for it.”sbc_tupelo-res_2017_family_sm_1

Elvis’s hometown of Tupelo Mississippi is even named for the Tupelo tree.

The Majestic Tree

The honey producing Tupelo tree, Nyssa Ogeechee, grows along the Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle. The name Nyssa refers to the Greek word for Water nymph – a female spirit protecting fresh water springs, streams, fountains and wells.

Only once a year when spring gives way to summer, Tupelo trees bloom along the banks of the rivers between southeast Georgia in northwest Florida. The Okefenokee, the Ogeechee, and Altamaha are home to these majestic trees.  The flowers only bloom up to 10 days, giving the bees and their keepers a very short window to produce this amazing honey.

Nectar of the Gods

The Tupelo tree is loved by bees and beekeepers alike. Honeybees are drawn to the Tupelo tree so much so that Tupelo floral content can be as high as 95% - generally 51% is required to be called a mono-floral honey.  Pure Tupelo is a light golden color with a slight green cast.  The nectar of the Nyssa Ogeechee also boasts an unusually high Fructose content – meaning it will not crystallize for a very long time.

Of the many amazing things Tupelo has inspired, Savannah Bee Company is no exception. Ted’s love for Tupelo, coupled with a passion for beekeeping, is what inspired Ted to start the Savannah Bee Company. This enthusiasm also drives Ted's 30+ year search for the best of the best. The result - our exceptional 2017 Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve.