Treat your Mother with Whipped Honey

Your mother is the Queen Bee! This Mother’s Day, gift her something that reflects that. Our whipped honey is the perfect Mother’s Day gift that is as sweet as she is.

Savannah Bee Company’s Whipped Honey has undergone a cooling crystallization process that makes it smooth, creamy, and perfect to pair with your favorite foods. It’s spreadable honey, so you can pair it with your favorite bread or cake or stir our whipped honey into your favorite coffee or tea to add a little bit of sweetness! It’s tasty enough just to eat with a spoon! Whipped honey, also known as spun honey or creamed honey, is the perfect addition to your pantry to add some extra sweetness and creativity to your food!

There are plenty of different flavors and gift options with our whipped honey for sale, so you can pick the perfect flavor for your mom!

Original Whipped Honey

Our original Whipped Honey is the staple of our whipped honey line. With its bold, sweet flavor, it is lovely to use as icing for cookies. Pair it with your favorite jelly, jams, and nut butter for a rich and smooth addition to your morning toast! Add it to your smoothies for a tasty natural sweetener. You can even add it to your next charcuterie board to pair with your favorite cheeses and crackers.

Whipped Honey with Lemon

Made with organic lemon oil, our Whipped Honey with Lemon has the perfect balance of sweet and tart that will excite your taste buds! Similar to lemon frosting, our lemon whipped honey tastes great on top of cookies and pound cake. It also tastes sublime in your favorite teas. You can even put it in Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream for a little added sweetness and zest!

Whipped Honey with Cinnamon

Our top-selling Whipped Honey with Cinnamon is so good that you’ll want to put it on everything! Use it to top your favorite rolls and bread to get bakery-quality baked goods from the comfort of your home! Stir it into your favorite cereal or oatmeal for some added sweetness and spice. It also tastes great in your morning coffee or tea.

Whipped Honey with Chocolate

For chocolate lovers, our Whipped Honey with Chocolate is a great way to add a little bit of chocolate to whatever your heart desires! Put it on your favorite fruits for a sweet and healthy snack. Heat up some marshmallows and spread some chocolate whipped honey onto some graham crackers for quick smores. Add it to your coffee with whipped cream on the top for a delicious hot mocha moment (or add it to hot milk for a non-caffeinated option). Pair it with some peanut butter for a rich and delicious imitation of your favorite peanut butter cup. The possibilities are endless!

At Savannah Bee Company, we have amazing honey gift options for our whipped honey, so you can get the perfect flavored creamed honey for your mother this Mother’s Day. We offer our whipped honey in 3oz and 12oz sizes. If you’re having a hard time choosing which flavors to gift your mom this year, luckily we offer variety packs with multiple Whipped Honey combinations!

This year treat your mother to a little bit of extra sweetness! With every purchase of a 12oz jar of whipped honey, you get a 3oz jar of the same flavor for FREE.