The Best Dad Advice from the Hive

It's almost Father's Day. The day we honor fatherhood and squeeze our dads a little tighter. Father's Day is all about the amazing dads in our lives. While bee dads don't do much but provide "genetic material" and die, human dads provide us with hilarious jokes, sound advice, and love that lasts a lifetime.

Here is the best dad advice from our dads at the Hive:

  • “Do what you love, don’t do anything because of money.”- Owner and CEO Ted Dennard’s dad
  • "Never use your teeth as a tool.” - Creative Director Libbie Summer's dad
  • “Trust your instincts-go with your gut”- Inventory Manager Rebecca Mazur’s dad
  • "Always look twice before pulling into traffic." - President Mark Haney's dad
  • “If you are feeling unsure walking into a new environment, like an interview etc., act like you own the place.” – Customer Experience Associate Lisa Wood’s dad
  • “Janie, don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon.” - National Sales Admin Jane Smith’s dad
  • “Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.” - Marketing Operations Coordinator Alayna Gurley’s dad
  • “You’re either wit-it or you’re half wit-ed.” - Web Fulfillment Manager Olivia Bressler’s grandfather
  • “Always go forward… not even backwards to do a penalty kick” - Assistant Retail Manager Monica Del Cid Dubón’s dad
  • "Always be the ugly one in any relationship." - Chief Operating Officer Stacey Roach’s best friend's dad
  • “The price of beauty comes with pain” – National Independent Account Manager Cristin Nguyen’s dad
  • "Take care of yourselves, take care of each other." – Team Lead Kirsten Tatom’s dad
  • “Keep your s*#t in one sock.” – Dad, John R. Rinehart, Director of Fulfillment
  • “What a beautiful day!” – National Account Executive Danielle Crosby’s dad
  • "The mechanic's lying. You can go 6,000 miles before your next oil change." - Customer Experience Associate Claire Hushon’s dad
  • “Smile through the pain” – Assistant Store Manager Veronica Powers’s dad
  • “Never trust a man wearing both suspenders and a belt…” - Retail Manager Patrick Johnson’s dad
  • “Spend time outside.” – Assembler Heidi Thompson’s dad
  • “Don’t take two hours to watch 60 minutes.” – Marketing Intern Anna Strange’s dad