The Bee Cause Project - A Video Short

You probably know that here at Savannah Bee, we love honeybees. You also may know that we love educating our great customers about all things honeybee. If you ever make it out to the Savannah Bee store on Wilmington Island, we would love to take you on a Bee Garden tour. These tours are the perfect opportunity for us to show off our magnificent honeybees! You also may know that we sell the finest honey and hive inspired body care products in the world. But, what you may not know it that Savannah Bee in association with the Bee Cause Project is taking our message of honeybee education into classrooms across the country.

Ted Dennard, the owner of Savannah Bee founded the Bee Cause Project in 2013. His mission was to install 1000 hives in 1000 different schools across the United States so that our nation's children could have an opportunity to really understand the importance of honeybees. The Bee Cause Project is well on the way to accomplishing that very mission. Currently, the Bee Cause Project has installed observation beehives in 13 different states, one all the way out in the territory of Oregon! In fact, the Bee Cause Project has even installed a beehive in a school in the Bahamas.

The concept of the Bee Cause Project really hinges on the power of education. It is the belief of Ted Dennard and the Bee Cause Project that the key to creating honeybee advocates is educating our youth to be beekeepers and honeybee lovers. If we deliver a message of environmental stewardship and respect for natural ecosystems to young students then we are building a foundation for a sustainable future. Through education, we really can empower the next generation.

The response to the Bee Cause Project from teachers, students, and communities has been overwhelmingly positive. The Bee Cause message is sweeping the nation! The Bee Cause Project is teaching children (and adults) to bee part of the solution. Please check out this short video about the Bee Cause Project to learn more!

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