The Bee Cause Project

"Bees live as people should live: naturally, symbiotically, and in a manner that only contributes positively to the world around them.” – Ted Dennard, Co-Founder of The Bee Cause Project 

Ted Dennard, a lifelong beekeeper and the founder of Savannah Bee Company, and Tami Enright, a fellow beekeeper and environmental educator, both dedicated their lives to protecting pollinators. Once introduced by a mutual friend, the two beheld their mutual passion and partnered to install the first observation hive at Sullivan’s Island Elementary School in South Carolina. Shortly after, The Bee Cause Project was born. 

Fast forward to today, and The Bee Cause Project, alongside The Bee Cause Project's sponsors, beekeepers, educators, and community members, has provided Bee Grants to more than 650 schools and organizations, impacting thousands of children across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

The Bee Cause Project has grown far beyond the hive; teaching collaboration, inspiring curiosity, and fostering STEAM skills through discovery-based learning in schools around the world. 

Who knew one conversation could grow into a shared mission-- one that continues to have a lasting impact on the generation of kids today and tomorrow. 

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