Ted's Favorite Honeycomb Platter How To

People ask us all the time, "What do you do with Honeycomb?" Well, you eat it. The best way to eat it- and my favorite- is to make this honeycomb platter.  It's going to be beautiful, it's going to be healthy, and it's going to help you win the party. So you start with the Honeycomb. You've got fruit: they add color, and the honey and fruit go really well together.  We've got a salty cheddar, a blue cheese the Italians like to eat with Honeycomb, and camembert, but it doesn't matter- choose whatever your favorite is.  I like to serve three different kinds of cheese.  We also love tart green apples that also pair really well with the Honeycomb and some bread.  We'll show you how to eat it, show you how to build it, and it's super simple.

Start with the Honeycomb.  Here's what I like to do- put a knife down, twist the Honeycomb box like an ice tray, and then it will pop right out.  Flip it right side up, so the dry side is up.  I just personally think it looks better. You add your cheeses, and you're going to pick a tray that matches the number of people you're serving.  This size Honeycomb - depending on the crowd- will serve about 30 people. Add the berries - delicious.  Blueberries are great, raspberries are great. You can put figs, you can put whatever fruits you like honestly.  Then you're going to fan your apples out.

To eat: people have the option of either taking a piece of bread, cut the Honeycomb just like it's cheese, add cheese to it, you can put fruit on it. You can grab a slice of apple and do the same thing.  And there it is - Voila!

Recipe by Ted Dennard

Original music by Savannah Bee's own Danielle Hicks - you can hear more of her music at DanielleHicks.com!