Summer is in Full Swing

Summer is in full swing and Savannah Bee Company is here to help you create those sweet memories that last forever. Stopping by one of our hive locations to see just how special they are is a must!

All of our 15 Savannah Bee stores offer a unique retail experience. At the heart of Savannah Bee Company is Ted Dennard, the owner and founder, and his drive to educate all about the wonders of the honeybees and all they provide for us and their ecosystem. You can feel that knowledge pouring out when you visit any one of our retail stores scattered across the country.

At any one of these Savannah Bee destinations, you will have the opportunity to experience three distinct parts of a whole: 1. tasting honey from around the world, 2. Beehive body care, and 3. enjoying a mead flight!

Our retail destinations provide an educational and sensory experience for all who buzz by.

A couple of years ago Savannah Bee sought a new kind of alcohol permit, one that had never been issued in the city of Savannah.

Savannah Bee obtained the new permit and the city's first mead tasting bar was opened. From opening day the Honey Mead Bar at Savannah Bee was a huge success.

Mead is a honey-based fermented beverage similar to wine. We partner with several meaderies all over the country and individually stock our mead bars with their sweet (or dry), refreshing elixirs. Each location featuring a mead bar rotates different tasting lists, so you will get a totally unique experience from store to store.

Mead enthusiasts and the curious may sample mead on site and purchase bottles of mead to enjoy at home. The knowledgeable educators will guide you on this delicious experience if you’re a mead novice wanting to learn more! We recommend you come and sip for yourself.

Nothing says summer like spending time in the garden!

That’s why a Bee Garden Tour at our Wilmington Island location will make for a truly memorable summer experience.

Upon arrival, one of Savannah Bee Company’s educators will give you a little history about Savannah Bee Company and teach you all about honeybees, beekeeping, and the impact bees have on our everyday lives and the environment. This portion of the tour takes place in the showroom in front of our observation hive, a unique type of hive that’s housed indoors and is encased in glass, allowing you to see all the amazing activities happening within the hive! Once you see it from this perspective, it’s clear how fitting the phrase “busy bee” is.

After the education, you get the full-immersion-experience. Your guide provides you with a beekeeper’s hat and veil before leading you outside to the bee garden, where you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a working beehive to learn about, and witness, the behaviors and habits of honeybees. It is downright fascinating to watch them work their magic.

We like to end things on a sweet note here at Savannah Bee Company, so we encourage you head back inside for a guided honey tasting after the tour so you can sample and learn about the different varieties of honey Savannah Bee Company has to offer.

Not only do we have observation hives in a few of our retail locations, but we install these magnificent little apiaries in elementary schools around the country. The Bee Cause Project began when Ted Dennard, founder of Savannah Bee Company, and Tami Enright installed their first observation hive in hopes to grow their impact and demonstrate how important bees are to everyday life. The Bee Cause Project seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards while protecting our planet’s precious pollinators.

Through observation hives, the next generation is able to thrive off of Ted and Tami’s mission and learn more about the world around them. These efforts work to strengthen the next generation’s relationship with the environment and educate them about ways to take care of it.

The Bee Cause Project works in schools across the world to protect pollinators. These hives are an invaluable tool to inspire creativity, teach collaboration, and cultivate critical thinking and STEAM skills in observers of all ages.

If you’re looking to beat the heat with something sweet, Savannah Bee Company should be top on your list. We hope you’ll join our hive!