Southern Honey Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is a southern staple and if you've never been lucky enough to try it, now's your chance! This homemade Southern Honey Sweet Tea recipe is so good, you'll want to start growing tomatoes and saying "bless your heart" before you finish the glass. 

We are featuring Honey for Tea but you're welcome to use your favorite honey as always!  Acacia Honey, Lavender Honey, and Whipped Honey are all excellent options.


1-2 oz Black Tea

12oz Honey for Tea

2 cups of boiling hot water




Using your favorite Black Tea, pour two cups of hot water over tea bag(s) and let steep for 15 minutes.  

Remove tea bags (do not squeeze the bags!) and add honey to taste (up to 12oz). 

Add cold water and hot tea to a large pitcher and refrigerate. 

Serve over ice, garnish with mint or lemon.