Saw Palmetto Honey is Back!

Saw Palmetto Honey

We all know that honey is a superfood but Saw Palmetto Honey packs an immune boosting punch! We are so happy to have it back in our hive.

In addition to being distinctively delicious, darker honeys such as Saw Palmetto Honey can contain up to 20 times more nutrients than lighter varietals. Saw Palmetto Honey in particular contains 22 amino acids, over 5,000 enzymes, 7 B complex vitamins, and loads of antioxidants. Additionally, it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial making this honey helpful in allowing the body to fend off disease, fight bacterial infections, and treat wounds.

The benefits don’t stop there! This honey is truly a wonder. The phytonutrients that our body absorbs from Saw Palmetto Honey aid digestion and can have a hormone balancing effect. All of these great compounds and nutrients combine into a delectable honey that your digestive system and immune system will be thanking!

All honey is unique in that it maintains many of the herbal benefits of the plants that it is made from. Furthermore, honey is the only food that includes all life-sustaining substances - enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water. It is also the only food to contain 'pinocembrin,' an antioxidant that works to improve brain function.

If we still haven’t convinced you that honey is truly miraculous, modern archaeologists have found pots of honey in an Ancient Egyptian Tombs. The honey is the world's oldest sample dating back 3,000 years – and is still edible. It is the only food known to man that will never spoil. That’s miraculous.

Any of the benefits that honey provides to you are reason enough to give Saw Palmetto Honey a try, but with one taste you’ll get them all! That’s why we are so excited to have Saw Palmetto back in stock.