Savannah Bee - Original Triscuit Co-creation!

white passion fruit honey Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit!

When Savannah Bee was asked by representatives from Triscuit to create an exclusive new product, so that we could co-create a new seasonal recipe with Original Triscuit, we were thrilled to partner with such a time-tested and beloved brand. Once the initial excitement passed, we began to focus on the process of developing the perfect honey product to pair with the 100 year old Original Triscuit. We started with our best-selling Winter White honey and added a luscious, tropical twist! Once the recipe was perfect, we went to production with our new delicacy. Today, we are happy to release our Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit. Below you will find our co-creation - a salty, crunchy, tropical, nutty, peachy delight!

What You Needtriscuit co-creation

  • Original Triscuit

  • Savannah Bee Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit

  • Raw Almonds (sliced)

  • Fresh Georgia peach slices


What You Do

Spread a generous amount of Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit on an Original Triscuit. Place one or two fresh Georgia peach slices on top of the honey. Sprinkle the sliced almonds over the peaches and enjoy!

co-creation with TriscuitTips

  • Best if eaten in one bite. This way everybody gets to the party at the same time!

  • Make a large plateful

  • Experiment with your own ingredients