Rosemary Honey and Black Forest Ham Sandwich

If you are planning a picnic this weekend or just looking for the perfect summertime lunch, then this recipe is for you. The best part about the Rosemary Honey Black Forest Ham Sandwich is that it is so simple yet so delicious, and it’s packed full of nutritious fresh seasonal ingredients!

The Rosemary Honey Black Forest Ham Sandwich is another great creation from the brilliant culinary mind of video food blogger Maggie Raymond. Maggie will be creating a series of Savannah Bee honey inspired video recipes over the next couple of months. If you like this recipe as much as we do then you just have to check out her video recipe blog I Honey Food. Check back here later to find out what Maggie is up to next! I for one can’t wait to see what she will come up with! Happy lunching!


2 slices sourdough bread

½ avocado, mashed and salted

2 tsp Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey

1 Tbsp crumbled Feta cheese

1 tomato, sliced

1 cucumber, sliced

4 thin slices Black Forest ham


Sandwich Preparation:

Spread the avocado on one piece of bread. Sprinkle the feta cheese on top of the avocado. Place the sliced tomatoes and then the sliced cucumbers on top of the feta cheese. Spread the Rosemary Honey on the other piece of bread and place on top to make a sandwich. Serve this sandwich with our Carrot Apple Slaw with Acacia Honey Vinaigrette. Enjoy!

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  1. Samantha says:

    Oh My! I was just looking for fun sandwiches to make on my road trip up the coast and I think these would be perfect! I’m obsessed with cucmbers and honey as a snack, so I can’t wait to try this way next!

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