Raw Honeycomb with Bee Bread

Stacked Bee Bread Thick, hand-cut slices of Bee Bread!

Bee Bread is really the term for pollen that has made it into the beehive, been mixed with nectar to sweeten and preserve it and packed down into the individual honeycomb cells for storage. Some people think the bees collect the pollen to make honey, which they actually make from the nectar of a flower, but instead it is a valuable source of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements. Bee pollen has more protein than beef, and everything you need in order to survive except for vitamin D.

Bee Bread in package. Packaged by hand, just for you!

The nectar they mix with pollen sweetens it and makes it much more delicious than the bee pollen granules sold. If I see some of the pollen in the honeycomb that's the first bite I take. I count myself lucky to have a honeycomb peppered with bee bread throughout many of the cells. I get great taste and I feel like I’m taking a multivitamin which makes me feel healthier.

If you look at the bee bread from the side you can see layers of pollen like a cake. Often there are different colors among the layers. All that stratification represents the multitude and diversity of flora that the bees have visited and thereby benefitted. The circle keeps on going in my mind as I chew on that comb knowing how much I am going to benefit. Honeybee creations are just lovely.

bee bread close A golden treat tucked away inside the honeycomb!

It's funny because we've always assumed that our customers would not appreciate the pollen and our people cutting the honeycomb used to, with surgical precision, cut out the bee pollen from the comb. It always bothered me because I knew how great it was to eat and it also made some of the honeycombs look a little less than perfect. The honeycomb cutters certainly knew the bee bread was good because they would share some with me from their stash. Each cell of bee bread ended up in their private-stock container under the counter- it was as if they amassed jewels of the honeycomb and hoarded them in their treasure chest.

Finally, I’ve decided to give people some credit and leave the bee bread in the combs we sell. I wanted to change the label to say, “if you find some pollen in your comb then thank your lucky stars because you have scored two of nature’s most perfect foods!”. We decided to just single them out and sell them in our Savannah Bee Retail stores and online at savannahbee.com. My guess is that the only disappointment customers will have is that there isn’t more bee bread in there.

Submitted By - Ted Dennard

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