Orange Blossom Honey Italian Ice

Our Orange Blossom Honey Italian Ice is the perfect treat for a hot spring or summer day. With just a few ingredients you can enjoy this treat to, its one of life's simple pleasures. 


 2 cups of water

 1 cup of sugar

 1 cup of orange juice

 2 tbs of Orange Blossom Honey

 A spritz of lemon juice

 Optional: Orange zest


Boil sugar and water for about 5 minutes and let it cool. Stir in orange juice, Orange Blossom Honey, a little lemon juice, and optional orange zest. Put it into the freezer and stir roughly every half hour. Once it gets this snowcone-eqsue consistency, let it freeze overnight. Serve with a drizzle of Orange Blossom Honey and garnish of your choice!