Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey

This Honey Is Pure Gold

Hey, friends— Ted here.

Did you know honeybees visit up to 2,500,000 flowers to gather the nectar to create one pound of honey?

After 40 years as a beekeeper, that figure continues to astonish and humble me. The way the bees and the abundance of nature interact to create honey to me seems nothing short of a miracle.

That’s why I’m particularly blown away by Savannah Bee Co.’s Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey.

We’ve had a bumper crop of orange blossoms has yielded an exquisite honey that exceeds anything I’ve ever encountered before. Our Gold Reserve title is only bestowed upon honey with exceptional taste and texture, a flavor experience that evokes the sheer magic of the bees crossing paths with millions of sweet-smelling flowers just as they’ve burst forth.

We’ve bottled our Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey at peak freshness to capture that essence of early spring. Each glass vessel is packed in an artisanal birch wood box with the reverence it deserves. Then it’s sealed in beeswax, numbered, and signed by yours truly—I’m just so honored to be able to offer this limited-edition treasure to you.

Those of you who consider yourselves honey connoisseurs will recognize this special miracle between the bees and flowers. But you might want to place your order now—it will only be available for a short time. 

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